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  • LanaTerm Insulation

    is the guarantee of a healthy room environment, it is very good as sound absorbtion material and it is also fireproof.
  • Sheep wool insulation

    Sheep’s wool is sustainable. LanaTerm is a 100% natural Product.
  • Thermal Insulation of the house with sheep’s wool

    it’s better than other, currently on the market available, insulation products.
Recommendation —
Recommendation - Please pay attention to our recommendations regarding the correct installation of the condensation barrier and vapor barrier when installing LanaTerm insulation. Even though improper installation of these barriers does not affect the wool fiber itself, it can have negative consequences on the applied treatment.
It is extremely important to follow the recommended steps to properly install the condensation and vapor barriers. These barriers are essential to prevent condensation formation and the entry of water vapor into the insulation. Ignoring these instructions can lead to the emergence of subsequent issues.

LanaTerm Insulation

is the guarantee of a healthy roomclimate, has the best acoustic properties and additionally offers fire protection. Sheep’s wool as insulating material is an invention of nature and has all the functions of building physics.
LanaTerm is the insulating material of the present and the future for people with sustainable thinking. Sheep’s wool is growing all the time. Save the use of finite resources and fuel for the use of a natural, highly renewable material like wool.
Natural renewable raw materials contribute greatly to climate protection and CO2 reduction due to their extremely low primary energy consumption in the production of building materials.
We only use the best fibers for our insulation. We process high quality wool fibers through our own manufacturing process. This provides a long-lasting, uniform, high-performance product.
Structură lână pentru izolarea termică

The advantages of sheep’s wool insulation



Sheep’s wool is the least flammable of all natural fibers due to its high nitrogen content. The ignition temperature is 560°C, which is approximately twice hotter that the one of wood (270°C). For combustion, an oxygen content of min. 25% is needed. Because in the surrounding air the oxygen content is only 21%, the flames are strongly inhibited.
It does not require any flame retardant substance and therefore does not generate toxic gases in case of fire. The LanaTerm insulation practically acts as a fire barrier.

Resistance to heat flow

Resistance to heat flow

The R value indicates the resistance to heat flow. The higher the R value, the greater the insulation strength. The R-value of the LanaTerm insulation is at least equal to or often better than the one other insulation materials have.



LanaTerm can absorb one-third of its own weight in moisture without losing its insulation properties.
LanaTerm has a hygroscopic effect, which means it adapts very quickly to the humidity of the surrounding air and absorbs moisture when the humidity is higher than the specific humidity of the wool. If the air in the room is too dry, it releases the moisture back into the room atmosphere.



The noise reduction factor is the average of noise absorption coefficients and it ranges between 0.85-0.95. A noise reduction factor that is = 0 indicates a perfect reflection and a noise reduction factor that is = 1 indicates perfect absorption.

Sheeps’s wool as home insulation

  • Wool improves the air quality inside. Buildings often contain contaminants (VOCs) emitted by newly installed materials or furniture. The special effect of sheep’s wool fiber can permanently bind chemicals such as formaldehyde, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and remove them from the air.

  • Sheep's wool is the least flammable fiber because of the high nitrogen content. The ignition temperature is 560°C, which is approximately twice hotter than the one of wood (270°C). For combustion, an oxygen content of min. 25% is required.

  • Wool manages humidity, LanaTerm can absorb one-third of its own weight in moisture without losing its insulation properties.

  • Wool fiber is unique in its ability to simultaneously reduce environmental noise, contact noise and sound transmission.

  • One of the main reasons we love the sheep’s wool and we recommend it so much is that it is very easy to work with it.

  • Sheep's wool is sustainable. LanaTerm is a 100% natural product. Since sheep naturally produce wool, only a fraction of the energy consumption is required compared to the energy consumption required to produce other equivalent types of man-made insulation.

  • Sheep's wool is an invention of nature with properties that no synthetic fiber can copy. Using LanaTerm will significantly reduce heat loss, lower energy costs, and increase the comfort.

  • Mission
    Riwowi Line SRL aims to reach and remain among the top companies in its field and to act as a respectful company focused on its vision for LanaTerm. The recipe for success for us is based on 100% environmentally friendly products, quality, competitiveness and customer satisfaction. Our team is working together to achieve their common goals. We reward the work and talent of our employees, and we keep them motivated.
  • Vision
    We are a company that puts great emphasis on professionalism. The identity of the LanaTerm brand is developing through a process of continuous building and respecting the high quality standards our company imposes on itself. The company's vision is to keep the world in its natural state without altering it. Boasting the highest quality thermal insulation on the market, also maintaining the ecological principle, LanaTerm becomes the best alternative to "classical", chemical and toxic thermal insulation.
  • Our Values
    Our activities take place in close connection with the values we believe in:
  • Social responsability
    We advocate the implementation of environmental and nature protection policies; initiate and support the concept of ecological education. The sustainability of our products and their recyclability are a statement that defines the core of this company, a definition we are proud of and one we are struggling to spread and be an example to others.
  • Innovation
    The innovation we bring to the building materials market defines our way of thinking. Our activity consists of progressive evolution and responsible conduct.
  • Customer orientation
    Being well organized and rigorous, we offer tailor-made solutions to the needs of our customers.
  • Respect and partnership
    Through high standards of conduct, we maintain a relationship based on ethics and professionalism with our clients and employees.
  • Professionalism
    In our work we tend to exceed expectations. Only in this way can we overcome our limits.