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Instructions and Installation

LanaTerm Wool insulation should be applied in a place where it would not get wet by rain or parts of the sanitary installation of a structure as well as away from a high heat source (560oC) or flame. Thermal insulation LanaTerm should be applied without being exposed to compression loads while LanaTerm Acoustic acoustic insulation can be exposed to compression loads with no issue.

instalare izolatie lana

The installation of LanaTerm rolls or batts is done without protective equipment because it’s a 100% natural product that is not allergenic and does not harm the human body.

In the case of a wooden structure, the LanaTerm Insulation is applied by sealing the edge of the insulation rolls or batts into the wooden structure with metal staples. The insulation is to be stretched sideways slightly, after which the staples are applied to the inside of the wood structure on each side at intervals of max. 20cm from top to bottom.

In the case of a metal structure, the insulation LanaTerm is inserted between the metal profiles and is attached to the plaster board, OSB, etc. mounted on the metallic frame by applying staples on panels at intervals of 30-40cm. The recommendation is that the insulation be opened slightly at the point where the staple is to be applied and only 50% of the thickness of the insulation is to be used to avoid complete compression at that particular point.

On the ceiling, the mechanical installation is done by anchoring the insulation with a wire diagonally on the insulation board, thus trapping it inside the cavity, and anchoring the wire itself in the ceiling with metal staples.

When installing LanaTerm by gluing it with adhesives to the inside wall of the cavity, the spreading of the glue on the whole contact surface should be avoided, to allow the insulation to breathe.

LanaTerm is a 100% natural product. Failing to respect the installation conditions and instructions, the product is at risk to lose some of its qualities by failing to comply with its technical data sheet and risking ineffective insulation of the structures on which it is applied.

Frequently asked questions

How is the wool being processed to be suited as insulation material?

The next processes are being after the sheep trimming:

  • Sorting
  • Washing
  • Treatment against moths
  • Mechanical processing
  • Cutting to size
What impact does LanaTerm have on allergies?
Wool has the structure of a protein amino acid polymer exactly the same as the structure of human beings. Being allergic to wool means being allergic to yourself. In some cases, the so-called contact irritation may occur but only in very rare and worst cases.
Does LanaTerm smell of sheep’s wool?
Lanolin is the component that smells in the oxidation process. Our wool is cleaned by this component during the washing process.
Is LanaTerm vulnerable to mice?
Mice, ants and other parasites do not pose a threat to sheep’s wool for many reasons. Wool is indigestible for these creatures and can not be processed by their stomach. Wool fibers are too tough for them.
Is LanaTerm vulnerable to moths?
Wool is a food for moth larvae but not only wool. Our wool is permanently protected against these larvae by a treatment that takes place during washing.
Is LanaTerm susceptible to microorganisms?
Wool fiber has its own natural protection against microorganisms.
Does LanaTerm get contaminated over time?
Dust and dirt are mainly attracted to static electricity. Sheep wool is antistatic and therefore does not attract them.
What is LanaTerms lifespan?
LanaTerm insulation is guaranteed for life.
What is true about binding unwanted gases through wool insulation?
When you enter an environment where the air quality is poor, first will suffer your mucous membranes of your eyes, nose and throat. Why does this happen? These mucous membranes contain the most superficial proteins that come in contact with the outside air. In these proteins are amino acids that enter into a reaction with formaldehyde, SO2 and many others. The wool is made up to 99% of proteins having exactly the same amino acids as the human being. The reactions are thus transferred to the wool. Diffusion is not possible due to the link to amino acids in the wool structure. Did you know the first gas masks were filled with sheep’s wool?
Is LanaTerm insulation fireproof?
Everyone knows that wool can’t be cumbusted. For autonomous incineration, wool needs a percentage of oxygen in the air of over 25%. Our surrounding air contains no more than 21% oxygen, so there is not enough oxygen in the air to support the firing of the wool.
Is LanaTerm vulnerable to moisture / condensation?
Wool fibers can absorb more than 30% of their own weight in water vapor and later release it again when the air is too dry. This is how a hygrometer works.
What is the significance of the R value and the lambda value?
What is the significance of the R value and the lambda value? The value of the thermal resistivity R of the insulation is determined by its thickness and density. The lambda value is the thermal conductivity of the insulation. Absorption of water vapor causes damage to the R insulation value for most fibers except sheep's wool.
How does LanaTerms sound absorption and sound proofing work?
Sound absorption respects the following principle: Sound (energy)> Moves soft material> Displacement is transformed into heat> Heat is absorbed.
From a physical point of view, this is the only way to turn the energy of the sound into heat. How big the surface, that is being insulated with wool is, plays a major role in as well.
How does the price of LanaTerm compare to the price of other insulating materials?
The slightly higher price is based on the high quality of sheep wool insulation and it is paid after a very short period of time with excellent insulation value. In addition, you benefit from the unique properties of the natural sheep’s wool product. Through the effect of air purification and moisture balancing, LanaTerm contributes to health and actively promotes well-being. Make a comparison with the excellent tools, great cars, the quality shoes and the best clothes we all know. In construction we must have the same thinking as in the rest of our lives.
Is every sheep wool insulation the same?
Only LanaTerm, using 100% sheep’s wool, without the addition of synthetic reinforcement fibers or adhesives, is able to guarantee a complete blocking of contaminants such as formaldehyde. Changes in regarding moisture behavior, durability, biodegradable etc. are the consequences when the wool is being mixed with other fibers. These properties that make the wool so special,healthy and biodegradable get lost when the natural wool fibers are mixed with something else and the insulation is not 100% natural.